Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trip to the Pinnacles

 Well after years of thinking about it we finally through the nevilles into the Tarrago, and went for a short drive up the coast to have a squizz at The Pinnacles. Here's the whole mob ... except yours truly but someone has to take the photo, at one of the lookouts along the coast road renown as The Indian Ocean drive.

 And then we were there... The Pinnacles.

 Jacko, Oscar and Chase trying to hide behind a ripper old fella Pinnacle

 Chase with George the Pinnacle.... After this photo the little fella went searching for a Pinnacle that was a little more his size.

 Oscar n' Nathan the Pinnacle..... now for a little history on these fellas. It is thought that the Pinnacles started to form some time during the last Great Ice Age, which lasted a while back... from about 25,000 years ago. They were formed from lime leaching from the wind-blown sand and by rain cementing the lower levels of the dune into a soft limestone. Vegetation forms an acidic layer of soil and humus. A hard cap of calcrete develops above the softer limestone. Cracks in the calcrete are exploited by plant roots. The softer limestone continues to dissolve and quartz sand fills the channels that form. Over a bloody long time the vegetation dies and the  winds blow away the sand covering the eroded limestone, thus revealing the Pinnacles...

 Here's Harrison with a Oscar growing out of his shoulder! Talk about having a chip on his shoulder ha,ha.

 And the little fella finally found his perfect match.

 And yours truly loved the drive around the place, I've always had a soft place for a drive on a dirt track. In this case it was a sandy track and only went for a couple of kilometers, but still it was a nice little trip. After that we went for a drive to stay at Cervantes for the weekend, all in all it was a ripper little trip.