Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A trip to Cervantes


Well when we decided to have a drive up woop woop way to see the Pinnacles, we thought we might as well stay and have a gander around Cervantes.

So first things first we got some accommodation at the ripper Pinnacles edge resort, it does cost a bit more but when you have five nevilles theirs not to many places that will let you get in cheap. So you just have to grin and bear it, and try not to cry when you hand over the moolah. There's our beautiful little baby.... and Harrison was walking by at the time of this photo also! ha,ha. 

So in 39 degrees 'in the shade' we took the mob to see the world famous Pinnacles, which are found in the Nambung National Park. You don't notice the heat as much when your sitting inside a air-con Tarrago, but once you open the door you remember that your standing on a friggin Desert sand! But that didn't stop the kiddies as once the door slid open, all you could see was their freckles running off into the distance. All they could hear was me yelling 'Don't get lost now' with a response of 'Yeah,Yeah, we know'...Harrison said 'Dad i'm off on an adventure' which I said 'That's okay as long as your adventure doesn't consist the fire/rescue crews or any ambulances then thats okay with me mate'.

Quiet surprisingly after about a half hour, in such a big desert they all seemed to make their way back to the Tarrago....bugger!

Driving around the Pinnacles was quite a bit of fun but just like a Chinese dinner, it didn't last long and we then headed back to Cervantes.... your's truly was starting to get a bit thirsty and also the air-con unit was calling out my name! (getting old)

And a swim in the pool before laying the feet up and sitting back to enjoy the peace.... well as much peace that one can have with a bunch of nevilles on holiday.... Now I love a quote John Hope Franklin once said 'We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey' I thoroughly give Johno boy the thumbs up on that one, but right now was the time to grab a bottle of Bryon Bay Pale Lager and lay back in a banana chair. And just let the nevilles have some fun together, maybe a bit noisily for some but still that's what holidays are for... Haven't you ever watched 'The Griswolds'.

Then at 6 o'clock it was tucker time and really theirs not a feed in the world that can beat a meal at the local Bowling club, so the whole bunch went for a short stroll just across the street to the club. Deep down I just can't say no to a beaut schnitzel n' chips, while the misses had her feed and the nevilles all went for the nuggets n' chips... no surprises their. As you might of noticed Oscar just lost one of his front teeth, which always makes for a funny photo.

Then a nice arvo walk down the beach for the kiddies to have some fun on the swings, here's Oscar doing a bit of surfing. Okay it mightn't have any surf about but then again it doesn't have any sharks either.... upstairs for thinking!

All the happy little shark biscuits just taking it easy as the sun sets over Cervantes, then we had a nice easy walk back to our place.

So that was our trip up to Cervantes we had a ripper time and the kiddies are still nagging for another trip, but we'll see when we get the chance.

On the way back out of Cervantes we noticed this old anchor which was from an old Italian Barque 'EUROPA', which was shipwrecked in 1897 Captain Viponi claimed that as he approached the Western Australian coast his chronometer had malfunctioned. Which caused the Europa to struck a reef at about 9 in the morning, she stayed above water for a few weeks as the crew and a salvage boat worked to remove her cargo. The anchor was raised in 1986 and was returned for exhibition in the town of Cervantes. And so with that little history story embedded in the nevilles heads, we set of for our little two and a half hour drive back to Middle swan.

P.S all those photos are from Sarah, Harrison and Jacko well done kiddies.