Monday, December 16, 2013

Jack's Year 7 Graduation

Well the day had come when Jack finished his Year 7 and moved into high-school, so this was Jackos Graduation Day and didn't the little fella scrub up real beaut.

The official part of the night was held at the Caversham Hall here's his mates from school before heading into there presentation.

Me and Mum having a photo with  the little man himself, luckily for him he doesn't look like yours truly.

This is where we as parents get to sit back and laugh at him being embarrassed as he walks down the aisle, before receiving a speech from the Principle while everybody watches him getting a little graduation pressie.

As you can see he was in a huge class during the year, and I'm sure he'll get a massive eye opener when he start's his first day at Governor Sterling.

With the official part over it was time to party and didn't the little nevilles do it in style, in a friggin' stretched Hummer limo... crikey on my last day of year7 I ..... well I just walked home!

Inside the Hummer Limo, not bad at all hay.

Jacko with his mates inside the Hummer, I told him if he knuckles down and get's a beaut job he might be able to do this sort of stuff more often. Of cause the bottles of water might be topped up with .... maybe vodka!

Jackos mate Leo.

The whole Year 7 mob at Caversham 2013.

After there drive in the Hummer they had dinner at 'Mallard Duck cafe' in the ripper Swan Valley Vineyards, getting stuck into a ripsnorter feed of fish n' chips... life doesn't get much better then this. Here's Jackos mates Indy n' Conner giving a speech before the dinner was over, and so the night had come to an end and in doing so it was the start of a new beginning for my little bloke. So what ever he does in life now is up to him, but what ever does comes his way, me and his mum hopes he enjoys the next part of his journey.