Saturday, January 25, 2014


Well after losing two kiddies to the grand parents I thought what could we do tonight, when we noticed that Midland had fringe concerts on in town for the next three weeks. It was a mixture of free concerts and paid entertainment stretched over fore weeks, so while the misses had a sleep before she started work I grabbed the other three and headed for Midland... or should I say Midlandia!


The kiddies listening to the second band on that saturday arvo, I liked the way they stacked up the pallets for people to sit on.... cool.

So while yours truly sat back on a banana chair to listen to the band, the kiddies went for a walk along the market stalls...

No guessing who had the camera..... bloody woman!

The kid's favourites .... bloody  minions!

The second band that arvo was a Jazz mod from Freo called 'Amani consort' who were pretty good and they played on as the sun-set over Midland, as you can see the place was packed out but somehow we seemed to manage to get a beer and not lose any kiddies.

Chase with a bouncy ball.

And Sarah with Chase having a go at that game with a tennis ball on a string?? We had one of those games but my kids call it 'That game with a tennis ball on a string that we pull of the string and then hit it as far away as possible' Now the only problem with the way they play is that only one kid gets a go, because as the ball goes sailing over two backyards it's usually 6 AND OUT! And then the other kids walk about for about three minutes and then just walk inside.

The kids on top of the Midland Pallet mountain.

As the sunset over a nice relaxing arvo the next band started to play, and more people started coming in to enjoy the layed backed environment. What's going on with kiddies today? Unless it's 11 o'clock at night then there not really to go out? Unlike yours truly who's almost in bed at that time... ha,ha.
Then on came the third band called 'The Long March' who were real beaut, without doubt the best band of the night.

And so after a nice relaxing arvo we had some tucker.... can't beat a cold beer and a ripper pizza at night hay, it mightn't be that healthy but..... who cares! And before you know it's time to hit the road back home, it was a good quite night out and the little nevilles had a beaut time.... until next year.