Thursday, August 15, 2013

Perth Truckshow 2013

On the weekend we went to the Perth Truck show which they hold every second year, and so with three nevilles in tow we had a gander through the Perth convention center. and with 145 exhibitors on display it took a fair-while to walk around the whole show...

The first truck we came too was a 'Guthrie' Kenworth up from Busselton a ripper looking cabover, you know these nothing better then spending a day walking about looking at truck  equipment parts and accessories, big shiny roobars and of cause the odd Repco girl!

What a bloody little beauty of a truck.... fairdinkum you just can't beat the old MACK trucks hay, this one is called 'Burke and Wills'.

It wasn't just filled with trucks there was a couple of sports cars, this Rentco ute was a beauty.

What a ripper paint job hay this brand new Peterbilt 587, with a massive 600 horses under the bonnet this truck was built for some big jobs.

Another MACK isn't it just a beaut piece of steel... known as a superliner I bet you would have to have some serious dollars to own this monster...Macknificent!

Jacko recons he might like the idea of driving one of these across the nullabore, oh well you never know young fella ... if you fail at school there's a bloody big chance of that happening mate!

And here is the legend of Aussie dust... simply named AUSSIE1.

If ya can't have a MACK then the next best thing is a ripper Western Star, this is one monster kangaroo basher!

And yet another MACK Truck but this one is more of a down to earth worker, seeing it has Hampton colors it will probably be hauling a couple of tippers up Kalgoorlie way by the end of the week. Of cause not all fellas like Macks... one bloke said 'you know why that dog on the front of that mack is smiling? cause he just stepped in the pile of crap and you are seating in it'! cheeky bugger.

And finally as we left the convention center we had our last photo of this monster Kenworth truck, after the show it was on it's way up north to it's new job in the mines. Now this is what people love to have a gander at, but not when your about to overtake it! What a beast... I reckon it should have a bumper sticker with 'Real Trucks Rattle' ha,ha. But we had a ripper time and the kiddies took home about twenty pens (each), a few caps, four coffee cups a copy of Motertrader. Heaps of lolly's, stickers and a few balloons, all shoved into three show bags each! Crikey there good at finding all the free crap, and as for their old man... well there was the odd Iveco sheilahs walking about and I don't think i'll forget the 'Delta Autospark promo girls' too soon.