Friday, August 2, 2013

Oscar's win

 Well awhile back I mentioned that the young fella Oscar had picked all the winners in the AFL, and he was pretty chuffed about being number 1 for the week. Well the competition the kiddies are in is the AFL Herald Sun SUPERTIPPING, and if you noticed what teams the little bloke picked I can see why there was only 11 winners out of 66,697. .
Freo had to beat West Coast, Richmond over Carton, Bulldogs over Brisbane Lions. Geelong over Hawks and so on.... But the big winner of the weekend was The Suns winning over StKilda! Of-cause Oscar being a Suns supporter gave him and inside chance, but still the little fella done good to pick all nine out of nine. So getting back to the comp... There was 11 winners that week so they then look at who picked the closed to the nominated score, Oscar and a bloke called Dolphins (now anyone who call's themselves Dolphins deserves to lose) had the same score which was wrong by 5 points. So the winner was the bloke who signed up the first for this years comp, which was my little neville! Yeah! So my little ranga copped a check for $250! Crikey not a bad little earner for just picking winners in the AFL! (at NO cost) So he received a massive $50 to spend down the shops with his old girl, while a ripper $200 went into his bank... lucky bugger. Unfortunately the next week he only picked 4 winners, and dropped from No1 to 12,679 spot! Bugger.
But he's pretty happy and hes done something that I've tried to pull off for at-least twenty years, by the way Sarah and Harrison are winning our comp with 113 win's each. So with four weeks left there both fighting for the Sandgropers Cup, with Chase and Oscar 7 wins back and we wont mention were poor old Jacko is ha,ha. But I can't talk i'm about 12 wins back.... bugger, let's just say it's been a long year for me and Jacko ha,ha.