Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Tipping comp

Well we have just finished the 2013 Sandgropers tipping comp again, and this years tipping came down to just one match.

On the second last day Carlton took on Port Adelaide, with Harrison picking Port while Sarah took the blues. In the end Carlton won 104 to 103! They were both on the edge of their seats if The power had kicked straight then the two little nevilles would of had a draw, instead the little Princess 'using her Girl Power' pulled off a ripper win. But don't forget the little Suns supporter Oscar picked up a cool $250 bucks, for winning the 'tipper of the round' in the SUN HERALD picking comp. 

The whole mob trying to win the trophy

Sarah wins for the second time and in doing so equals Harrison's record of two wins in a row, she did deserve the trophy after being on top for sixteen weeks of the twenty-two weekend comp. And what a ripper year it was with Sarah, Oscar and Chase all picking 9 out of 9 wins 'TWO TIMES' this year and getting two bonus points each time. Of cause Sarah won the trophy by two points so the extra points came in handy for her, and also both Harrison and Jacko picked the full round once.

Chase trying to take the trophy from Sarah's firm grip.... good luck little fella!

So another year is over and this becomes Sarah's year
to hold aloft the Sandgropers trophy.


1 SARAH             145   4    149
2 HARRISON      145   2    147
3 CHASE             139   4    143
4 OSCAR             132  4    136
5 JACKO             118   2    120