Friday, June 14, 2013

Jacko's Lego city land

As you know we spent the day at the Model Railway Exhibition, and part of the day was a area just for lego, and as you might know Jacko loves lego so I let him have a wonder around with the camera. 

Here a huge lego building that would of taken a fair bit to make, let alone the friggin' cost!

As you can see the set up went a fair way and that was only half! Crikey there was a lot of lego and a lot of friggin' kids.

Well it's not really a proper town without a ripper restaurant hay, and you can't get a better restaurant then good old KFC.

Nice building.

And there's a church and a big hotel... pretty cool.

And some more lego stuff.

Here's a bloke we've seen before, Mr lego.

and more...

And a train station..

And here's the attempt at the world record for the longest lego free standing lego bridge, pretty cool hay... some blokes just have too much money and way too much time on their hands!

The front on view of the lego bridge and as you know it did it, so now we own (for now) the longest working lego bridge in the world! Well until those blokes in Germany with too much time and way to much money on their hands find out.

Now that's pretty.

And there's the normal lego fire-truck and lego fire-engine that has been around since yours truly was a little nipper, but times have changed because here we have lego muslim terrorists fire boom a lego synagogue!

And more lego stuff...

and more.....

Jack n' the beanstalk lego... what would their think of next. I suppose anything that get's parents to part with they hard earned money, is a good idea to the lego mob. but that was all the photos the little fella took, and fairdinkum it was a ripper set-up and it must of taken then a bloody long time to get it all done. Oh well I wonder what they will come up next time...