Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Model Railway Exhibition

Well today we were off to see the Model Railway exhibition which is held once a year in Perth, so with all the mob in the Tarrago we set off for Perth town. You can see all the nevilles ready for their big day out on walkabout, yes it might be inside two sheds but they were BIG sheds!

One of the first demonstrations we came apon was this one from Wyoming, which was named 'Sierra Pacific Modellers' who are celebrating the glory days of American railways. This was one of the few photos I got with all the nevilles in, you can only imagine what it was like with all these bloody kids everywhere, now I know what it must be like to be a friggin' Wiggle... and you know where you can stick that job application! I knew it was gonna be packed , but not this bloody packed... never again! (by the way this photo doesn't show you how packed it was).

Edge of your seats stuff here hay!

The Pixiey Land or Pixieville as it likes to be called, is an enchanted place where imaginative folk can see fairies and wee little nevilles can enjoy the trains... If I wanted to see fairies all I had to do is pop into Kings Cross! But the kiddies liked it and Oscar reckons he saw two fairies (he should lay off the fanta a bit).

What a happy bunch of vegimites! This setup was named 'Durham town', which was a little railway compaired to the others but was a ripper.

It was also the only one that was interactive so Harrison gave it a go, the train went around and around..... and around....and around....then it slowed down.... and went around.... then Harrison made it go faster..... then it went around... and around....I think you get the point, but do you know they just loved it. Of cause if there homework went around once the kids would get off at the first station, and walk away BORDED as they always say. But with a train set they can watch it go around for ages, without a problem.

Isn't it funny you get the shortest railway setup in the whole shed, and you get the straightest railway in the shed. And yet the trains still come of their lines! Bloody things, Jacko thought it was funny but.

Here's the little fella Chase enjoying watching the Meccano train ride along it's tracks, he loved it and could of stayed here all day.

Here's the meccano train doing it's little route along the tracks... riveting stuff!

Now thats a bridge!

Jacko found Lego city exhibition and that was the last we sall of him, he's so lego mad he just walked around the exhibit and around. It was a big set up and it was just filled with friggin' little nevilles, so I just let him have that one to himself. He took a fair few photos so I'll set up a post just a for him, you'll see it on the next one we put on.

Here's another exhibit but there was so many I don't really remember which one this was, but trust me they were all pretty well set up. And they were heaps 100 to be fairdinkum, and the kids loved them all but after an expensive feed (bloody kids) we went off to the other shed.

Now the big thing about the exhibition this year was to  attemp to break the world record for the longest working lego bridge, which was held by Germany with a bridge that was 37 meters long. And as you can see this was our attemp at 39 meters long, could we stick it up the Gremans! Well bloody oath we can and WE DID! It worked and if you want to have a gander at the attemp just watch this video that someone else posted on you tube.

So with the World lego record under our belts we had to say goodbye to all those little trains, but the kiddies loved the day out and can't wait to have a gander next year.