Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our night out at the Fremantle Dockers

Well a couple of weeks ago me and Jacko, Sarah and Harrison, drove into Perth town for our first Afl match EVER. As Harrison n' Sarah are Freo fans it was natural that we went to see a freo match, and tonight was going to be a Richmond game. Here are the kiddies outside Subiaco Oval... okay it's names Patterson stadium now but to us it's always going to be old Subi.

Sarah was happy as Freo had just kicked a goal during this photo, but Richmond win the first quarter by a whopping 20 points... 32 to 12.

Funny thing is I picked the Richmond match as .... well nobody goes out on a cold night in Perth, to watch bloody Richmond.... well only 40,000 friggin' morons.... and well okay me too! I thought with a small crowd we could get around for some photo opportunities, but we were pretty well stuck in out seats.... but what a ripper night.

It was our first time with our new camera and as you can see, we need to set it up a bit better as it didn't like people moving. And as you might realize you just can't yell out to players to 'stop moving', so the kiddies photos were a bit out, maybe better next time... by the way at half time Freo hit the front by a stinky two behinds 47 to 45.

After the long break Richmond hit the front (six minutes into the quarter) what a great match, as I had picked Richmond to win ... GO THE TIG'S! Harrison was loving being out at a night match, and it was a great atmosphere for this Friday match.

Start of the last quarter and Freo was winning 68 to 59 so anyone could win it, 'Go the tigers' and wouldn't ya believe it. With only 2 minutes to go the Tigers down by one point 75 to 74 ' Vickery', hit the goal umpires leg which cost Richmond a goal Bugger!!.

Of cause Sarah thought it was a 'great call dad'... you'll keep, then with 1.50 minutes to go Tigers kick a GOAL! You beauty (input unhappy kids faces here) ha,ha suckers! Then within 30 bloody seconds Freo kick a friggin' goal BLOODY BALLANTYNE! Freo hit the front 81 to 80 and well the little nevilles were jumping for joy, and that's where it stayed till the final siren. 

Beaut photo Jacko

 And well the kiddies were giving their old man a real kicking, even as we were leaving the ground they were still into me..... I'll remember!

 So that was our first night AFL game and it was a great night out, hopefully we'll get to see a few more over the years. But as it costs a fair quid I don't think were going to too many matches, that's what we have Swan Districts for... well it only costs $13 to see the swanies play as the kiddies get in for free, so as much as this was a great time I reckon we'll see a fair more swanies games then Freos. But what a ripper night we had a great match and of cause the Tigers should of won it.... bloody umpire! WE WERE ROBBED but as Jacko said... 'yeah Dad whatever' cheeky bugger.