Thursday, May 9, 2013

The case of the stolen camera

Whos fingers is this on our stolen camera?

Well the other day my camera disappeared and after turning the house inside-out, I found it under one of our lounges... so who took it from my room I hear you ask? Well it didn't take me long to find out, as the thieving nevealle decided to photo himself about twenty six times! So good luck getting out of this one... OSCAR! 


 He walked around the house taking photos of different things...

 At-least the house was clean!

 I thought I taught you not to shake when you take photos!... But then I also taught not to STEAL!

 Make a mental note.... remember to clean camera.

Now this is the face that Dad is going to make when he finds out who took the camera!

And this is the face that I (Oscar) will make when I'm asked 'where is the camera'?...'Who ME... I don't know anything Dad... But I did see Jacko with it'.

And this is the face he will pull when he gets his bum smacked... Little bugger!