Thursday, May 2, 2013

Swan District vs South Fremantle

 Match day again and this time it was Swan Districts vs South Fremantle, and it was gonna be a ripper game as both sides are trying to stay in touch of the finals. So with all the kiddies in the Tarago off we drove the short five kilometers, to the Swan's home ground 'Steel Blue Oval'.

Here is the mob in front of one of the Swan's signs at the ground, all ready for a beaut match at home.

 Well the first quarter didn't go to plan with the Bulldogs two goals up 5.2.32 to 3.2.20, by the way all the match photos were taken by Sarah n' Jacko.

Oscar enjoying sitting back watching the match.

Chase n' Oscar on the field during the quarter break, Oscar won the ball up and Chase took off his hat, then left the ground.... sore loser.

The second quarter was a lot better for the Black n' whites as we kicked in a ripper seven unanswered goals, which put the score to 10.5.65 to 5.3.33 and as you can see the Bulldogs only kicked one behind! In fact I reckon there coach might of kicked a few more behinds then his side during the half time break.

 Of cause during the 'long break' the little nevilles get the chance to wrap their chops around the usual game tucker, and that means not a vegie in sight! A cup of salty chips and a ripper hotdog and a can of drink, well if they eat their good tucker during the week I can't see a prob with some bad stuff on the weekend.

 End of the third Quarter and the Swans stay in front 12.8.80 to 9.9.63, but i'm getting a bit worried as the Swans do go a bit wobbly in the last quarter. As you can see me and the nevilles move around the ground, so that we can have a different view at different parts of the ground.

 During the last quarter the Bulldogs start with kicking the first two goals which scared the crap out of us, but the good old Swans started to kick straight and both teams ended with three goals apiece.

 My little Swan District/Fremantle Docker supporter! She was happy as she saw one of her Freo players in the swans team, that was Lachie Neale who had a ripper match with 27Disposals and a goal. But one of the best was a young fella by the name of Kirk Ugle, who was picked up by Collingwood in the draft two years ago #60. He kicked 'five goals two' and would of found it strange to play in frount of 1,532 supporters, as he has been playing at the M.C.G in front of 80,000 one-eyed Magpie supporters!

 The final score was....
SWAN DISTRICTS                    15   12   102
SOUTH FREMANTLE  12    9   81

You little beauty! GO THE SWANS