Saturday, March 16, 2013

trip to North Beach (Perth)

Well it was a nice barmy Saturday arvo so why not chuck the nevilles into the Tarago, and go for a drive to the beach... so that's what the kiddies talked me into, everyone except Jacko as he was too into his X-box game. So with four little ones in tow off we went towards the seaweed, and I let the sheilah in the car decide which beach we would go to.

And she picked one of the first beaches we came to, the rocky seaweed invested crab crawling North Beach. Fairdinkum the only people who come for a swim at North beach, would be idiots who are driving by and ask there daughters to pick a beach for a swim!

Here's the mob on the seashore.

Harrison after a dumping ha,ha don't you just love it when they go ass-over-tit, see it can be quiet entertaining watching the shark biscuits trying there best to drown themselves ha,ha. 

Just after I took this photo a stingray swam past between me and Harrison, and it was a ripper size at
about 70cm's from wingtip to wingtip. Harrison was pretty interested and thought it was great, then I told him he should stand near me as it was a stingray (yes but bigger) that killed his hero the crocodile hunter! With that he didn't even worry about his old man, in three steps he passed me and was back on the sandy shore before you could say 'Crikey'.

'Go little fella' he was the only one who wanted to go a bit deeper into the water, I reckon it was just to keep his old man worrying.... little bugger.

Then when we went crabbing he was the first to find a little fella hiding in the rocks, but once they got there crab-eyes they found them everywhere.

Talking about little fellas hiding in the rocks, that's where we found Chase hanging out.

But now it was getting hot and so it was time to head back home, before the sun starts to get it's grip onto there little part English skin. But as we poped into the Tarago there was one more thing to do....

Icecream time!