Friday, March 15, 2013

End of cricket season

Well it has come to the end of the kiddies cricket season so I can get my Friday arvo's back now, Jacko didn't want to play this year so he sat it out. It was Sarah in the Under 9's which is funny because of two things, one is that she is actually ten but also she's one of the smallest ones in the side!

The set up at the club is a real beaut idea we have the small ones play (training really), while the older ones Under 9's also play on the other side of the oval. Oscar and Harrison played in the Milo comp this year, while Chase sat on the sidelines keeping his old man company.

And if your wondering .... no Chase hasn't become a redhead! It was hair coloring day at school, and it was gold at the start of the day, then it just faded into... well like all the other kids hair colour!

Sarah showing off her cricket outfit.

Here's Sarah during a practice match at the oval, showing us some ripper shots that Tony Greig would of been proud of.

Sarah just before going out to bat in a match unforgettably the camera broke down and we don't have any footage, but she scored a respectable 9 runs and her side went down by ten.... oh well there's always next time.

Here's Harrison with his photo and cricket certificate for this year, he was playing real beaut and next year he will play in Sarah side.

Oscar getting his photo and certificate at the awards day (Friday), fairdinkum his a real rat bag but he's getting better.

Talking about rat bags (bloody Harrison) he's Sarah with her photo and Swan cricket Medal, she's interested in another year but real see when we get closer to years end.