Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sculptures by the sea

Well it was that time of year again when I put all the nevilles into the tarago, and drive along Guildford road to the rich playground of Cottesloe Beach.

For the annual Cottesloe Sculptures by the sea exhibition, here was our first sculpture called 'Look this way' and yes Oscar we love your smile.

Here's a ripper one of a crocodile named 'Ghostnets crocodile' which was made out of old fishing nets, now this is my sort of stuff making things out of old stuff... cool.

And here is a tent I could take camping as I could get all the kiddies in this one, but it would be a bugger getting it up! It's named 'Wind playground'.

Here's the mob at a sculpture names 'How close we are', this is suppose to be the end of a needle that is piercing the earth mmmm.

Every now and again a ripper sculpture pops out of the blue and in this years case it would have to be this one, it's name is 'Mengenang' which in Indonesian means Remembrance. It is to remember the innocent people killed in the two Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005, they are called hand-made wind-driven 'Balinese bird-scarers'. Each one is made out of bamboo with a propellar on top that drives a shaft inside the bamboo, that turns tiny hammers to strike inside which in-turn sounds out a note. Each bird-scarer sits on top of a bamboo pole and in this sculpture there are 222 poles, one for each of the victims life's lost at Kuta and in Jimbaran beach Bali. Without doubt the best Sculpture at the exhibition.

Now we go from the sadness of that sculpture to a more upbeat and fun one of 'skittles', which was more to the liking of the kiddies.

Now here's one that takes me back to when I was a kiddie and is very close to my heart, it's a few Liquorice allsorts laying in the sand and it's called ..... well 'Liquorice allsorts'. they must of sat up all night to come up with a name like that hay!

Here's Harrison showing us 'Potluck' which is a crayfish made out of crayfish pots.... join the dot's! This is one of my favorites and is probably my second prize of the day, it looks pretty cool just sitting on the rock wall.

this one is 'Horizon figure'.

And here's yours truly with the mob in front of 'Casting around' taken by Jacko, what a happy bunch of Vegemites.

The mob at Cottesloe

This sculpture came all the way from England which is named 'Eastern' which was made in the 80's by a fella named Sir Anthory Caro.

Now this one is really weird it's a bloke inside a kangaroo wearing boots carrying a small shopping trolly going for a walk? Now I know this one was at Bondi last year and it's called 'Emblematic' but what it all means.... well no bloody idea! But sadly I do like it.

And here's Sarah and the mob with another one named 'Regenerate' made by a sheilah named Kate Dunn.

And finally we come to our last photo which is the sculpture named 'Gift from the Gods', but to me it is a whole bunch of nut's sitting around a nut! So the kiddies and yours truly had a ripper day out, and the little ones can't wait for next years event.