Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day out at Scitech

Well it was time to pop back to one of the kiddies favorite places in Perth city and that would be Scitech, and this time around the mob at Scitech had an exhibition all about those not-so fluffy animals back in the old days... Yep those Dinosaurs. Any way you look at them there pretty well impressive hay, and in this case more impressive then when yours truly was a little whippersnapper. Just a quick tip if you park your car under Scitech in the car-park, then you can get free parking which is always a good start for one of my trips... something free!
I had all five little nevilles today so you could say I had my hands full, but I couldn't leave any out as not every day do you see a moving Dinosaur... well unless you live in Toronto and you pop in and say G'day to the oldies! ha,ha

So our first Robotic Dino's we came to was one of my favorites in the Dinosaur world, it's the heavily armed Stegosaurus and the main reason I like this old fella is because it's a plant eater. Which if I ever find myself back in time (okay it mightn't ever happen but you never know... we did have a woman for a Prime Minster!) I'd per-fur to be eye to eye with him then... say... a hungry T-Rex. As you can see Jacko is doing what hes not so-pose to do.. which is what he is very good at, while Oscar is not looking at the camera which again is what hes very good at.

Next we come to a Maiasaura which in the old days stood just over three meters tall and weighted just on two tonnes, and again it was another plant eater which was okay for us little meaty biscuits but not-so good for a Daisy!

Then we came to everyone's most loved Dinosaur EVER the big fella himself Tyrannosaurus Rex or to the not-so savvy among us T-REX, the undisputed King of all Dinosaurs and without doubt the most scariest thing on the planet... unless you've seen my sister Jodi in the morning! You might of noticed Sarah is holding Chase pretty tight and believe me she had too, as he wasn't at all impressed with these things that move there heads and scream noises (a bit like his mum! ha,ha). Whenever I turned around he would run from this section of Scitech into the other sections without Dinosaurs, so I had to send a kid out to track him down and bring him back in,ha,ha. Well it was fun to see him look at one of the Dino's and watch it closely, then when it would roar... off he ran crying and screaming ha,ha it was a real fun day out ha,ha.

Here's Sarah and the Osk showing us a mean looking Triceratops which is also a Herbivorous (big word which in today's vocabulary means he's a vegetarian ), also he's name literally means 'Three-horned face' so you could also call it 'The mother-in-law' ha,ha.

Sarah this time is showing us a big fella called Apatosaurus worded as A-PAT-O-SAW-RUS, but somehow I think the last thing I would like to do is pat this big bugger. He was another plant eater and would weigh in at around 25 tonnes... that's one fat vegetarian!

 So after walking through the Dinosaur section we headed into the other parts of Scitech and see if we can find Chase, because after Apatosaurus gave out a little moan all I could see of Chase was him small bum racing into the play area, ha,ha. You could say Dinosaurs ain't really his cup of tea, but as you can see Oscar loved the fish area in the play section... strewth that boy can hold his breath!

 Here's Sarah, Chase and Oscar trying to race their cars against each other, they had to paddle their feet to make the cars go faster. Good way to wear them out before bedtime hay, but somehow I don't think they would give away their X-Box for this.

 And here is Oscar flying the RAC Rescue Helicopter which is pretty impressive if you can fly it, Oscar tried and crashed it every-time he must of got flying lessons of his mum!

 If your wondering why Oscar seems to be in all the photos it's not because hes the most photogenic, it's because if one of the nevilles is gonna run away it would be him. Yes he might look all cuddleable and loveable but once you get in under the surface, he's just a smiling Assassin just waiting for you to turn your back... come to think of it he might make a real beaut politician one day! But that was our day out at Scitech and the kiddies had a ripper time, except for maybe one little fella who might be having night-mares tonight ha,ha. But he'll survive and he did love all the other things that was on offer to play with, yes it's a great day out at Scitech and I'm sure we'll be back in the near future.