Monday, September 7, 2015

The Sandgropers Trophy 2015

        The Champion for 2015

Well it was a close shave in this years championship as with 1 week to go Harry had a massive lead of 5 wins, and with only a week to go he thought it was a shoe in. But he didn't even think that the 'little Freo Assassin Sarah' would give him a run for his money, and not only did she give it too him she almost pulled off a once in a life time weekend!

Knowing she had to pull off a ripper weekend of footy tips she did something she had never done in her tipping career, she backed against her beloved Freo in an attempt to pick up an extra win against her little bro! in the process stopping the young fella from winning his record breaking Third Trophy win!  She backed most off the teams expected to lose.... she picked The Tigers to beat Finals bound Norths, then the Cats to beat also finals bound Crows. Also as I said she picked Port to beat her loved Freo and Melbourne to beat the giants. So with 4 wins over Harrison the pressure started to show on the young fella as Sarah was only one win away from drawing the trophy! Which hasn't happen in it's mighty six years all she needed was for the Mighty Magpies to beat the hopeless Boomers who hadn't won since round 15, and with only 3 minutes left in the last quarter a Boomers goal sent the almighty Trophy towards the happy little fella Harrison with the Boomers winning 92 to 95! So close but so far away and with the siren going in the background Harrison started the WINNING WAR DANCE with a heart beaten Sarah yelling 'I've been robbed' ha,ha