Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Works party

Well it's Christmas time again so it's time to let the little nevilles have a ripper day out at the Santas Christmas Carnival, and seeing it's a works christmas party it's all being payed for by Midland Brick.... You beauty!

Oscar on a Triceratops ... o'h not a real one but with my kids it's just as dangers ha,ha.

Chase also going for a ride he's on Kiddyontopofusaures!

Best of mates about to take on the Wall.E bouncy castle.

The two ratbags going for a drive.

Santa time and what does the little cheeky bugger want..... Well not much just an X-Box1, new bike, lollies, laptop, lollies, hoverboard, lollies, Tablet!!! Crikey atleast I can aford the last one... I'll just give him a Panadol Tablet, Well it's what he wants!

Oscar's turn and he wants.... surprise X-Box1, lollies, tablet (bloody druggies), lollies, and garden plants for his ..... o'h yeah he want's a Farm too (crikey) for his christmas plants and o'h yeah some lollies.

And we got Sarah to say G'day to Santa as the other two boys were ... 'Like... You know much too old for that stuff Dad'. So I said 'So it's okay for the fat bloke in the red suit to pay for the day out but you can't even pop over and say G'day', and with that Harrison say's 'What you paying for this Dad' .... Cheeky bugger.


Tania taking Chase to the Haunted House.... funny that I took Chase to the in-laws the other night as well! ha,ha.

Jacko driving a lot like his mother! ha,ha, between the dodge cars and the rides we didn't see much of him all day.... You little beauty ha,ha.

Tania n' Oscar after the young fella having his very first Rollercoaster ride, which he loved and can't wait till next year.