Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chase and his broken arm.

Well the young fella Chase decided he could fly from the backyard cubbyhouse to the edge of our patio and swing around and drop to his feet 'Ta Daaaa', but unfortunately for the little bloke gravity pervaled ha,ha and he came down quicker then a Mars bar at a weightwatchers convention! In the process he broke really badly his Radius and Ulna bones in his arm, a really bad brake but you wouldn't of noticed as he was as happy as ever.... now he had a weapon to take on his bigger brothers, fairdinkum when ever he had a chance he was wracking them over the head... Little bugger.

As you might of noticed after a couple of weeks they had to replace the cast as the bones were not healing straight enough, so back into Perth and have another new and improved cast as Chase says  'It must be better it's a red one dad' ha,ha.

And while we were in Perth having a wonder-about we bumped into the big fella himself Santa, and with Chase always loving a chance to pop his head into a photo he got the perfect chance.

Little bugger.