Friday, April 25, 2014

Anzac Day 2014

Anzac Day 2014 and we went to another ripper morning Dawn service at Perth's Kings Park.

 It was 3.15 in the morning when I woke up some very tried little nevilles for the drive into Perth, and arrived around at 4.20 to pick a nice little spot to watch the service. As you can see we can watch old footage of past wars, on screens that the Park place around the place.

So were all set up for when all the crowd starts coming in, if you have a gander at the center of the photo you can see the image of a ghost! So we might of had a few soldiers ghosts hanging around .... how cool.

 Up to 40,000 isn't a bad turn-up for the service.


 Then it was time for our annual Anzac Day Champagne breakfast, so with a few Anzac biscuits and some ripper nonalcoholic Champagne we sit back and just enjoy the early morning. 

 And just like we do every other year we picked out a soilders name, and done some background checks to find out who this person really is. In this years pick we found a young fella named 

Private Charles Avon Foreman

 Service No 2563 Private Foreman

Charles was born in Northam WA, and worked in the Australian National Bank as a clerk.

  During the first World War he enlisted in the AIF on July 1916, and soon after he embarked on the ship HMAT Argyllshire A8 from Fremantle Port.
  He served in Egypt and France and during midday in Bonnay on the 14th April 1918 he died, when he was instantly killed by a shell whilst building a dugout for himself. He was buried in the Bonnay Millitary cemetery in Somme, Mericourt France.

 Lest we forget